Mayra’s Birthday Party

DSC_0001On Saturday night I decided to give up on my essay and start the hard work of choosing earrings instead…

DSC_0016And go to this fabulous girl’s birthday party! I love how she had decorated her room with colors and flowers.

DSC_0021DSC_0075And the rest of the apartment, too! Lots of party lights and cool tape pennants!

DSC_0048DSC_0045I wore a dotted dress and red velvet shoes that I found in my co-op’s ”free pile room”. According to other co-opers these shoes were very sought after, but didn’t seem to fit anyone’s feet. Until I tried them on! Hurray!

DSC_0022 DSC_0036DSC_0035There was a delicious birthday cake…

DSC_0042And a stunning Mayra! ❤

DSC_0106Mimi & Maggie.

DSC_0072Kira & Lidewij.

DSC_0031DSC_0061Daniel enjoyed the party, made himself some friends, and…

DSC_0078…challenged Stella and Paquita on beer-pong!

DSC_0084But the girls took home the victory.

DSC_0080We did some dancing.

DSC_0103And laughing.

DSC_0081And took a very much needed break from work and studies.




  1. lidia dayan

    jag är så glad att du roar dig! Och jättesöt i din prickiga klänning.Förever 21 är perfekt för dig:)
    Man får så mycket energi när man är glad.
    (Idag hade jag också på mig den prickiga jag fick av dig på en party med mina kompisar, där skrattade vi jättemycket)
    tusen pussar mamma

  2. Mayra

    What I intended to do sooner: Thank you sooooo much for the lovely pictures and your and Daniel’s company ❤


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